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At NuLine Industrial Solutions, we know that you want to be an environmentally friendly neighbor. Yet, you don’t have the time or the resources to focus on waste removal, leaving you stressed and overwhelmed. We believe you shouldn’t have to worry about your waste needs. We understand your frustration — it takes time and effort to manage waste on a daily basis. You need reliable waste removal services. Welcome to NuLine. The waste management company you can count on to make you an environmentally friendlier neighbor.

What we do

Reliable Waste Management

We’re here for you. We are customer first and offer you the flexibility of a customized service program that’s designed to meet your specific needs. As your trusted authority on waste management, NuLine guides you through every aspect of the process, from sampling through disposal.

Waste Management

NuLine is highly experienced and skilled in the proper management of a large variety of waste materials.

We maintain a current and thorough knowledge of:

  • RCRA
  • TSCA
  • NRC
  • NORM
  • NOW
  • DOT
  • Solid State Waste Regulations
  • Federal EPA Regulations
In addition to helping you navigate regulatory issues, we ensure your projects meet analytical requirements, have all site-specific permits, and fulfill all disposal facility form requests.


We recycle gas and water mixtures, used oil, and co-products from petrochemical plans, and specialize in finding outlets for off-spec chemicals, production overages and product heels.

Our history of achieving waste minimization goals, coupled with our deep experience in managing modern waste streams enables us to propose more efficient and effective solutions for your projects. We are also adept at determining if secondary materials can be considered a co-product or fuel.

Industrial Services

We provide a wide array of services with utmost safety and productivity, including serving as embedded contractors in refinery facilities, as well as chemical and industrial settings.

Our in-plant services include: hydroblasting; vacuum truck services; waste management; transportation; and vapor control.

Turnarounds & Outages

NuLine’s project managers and operations staff have the training and experience to manage your event-based projects.

From chemical cleaning and shutdowns, to vacuum truck services, our teams provide support for your turnaround and outage needs. Moreover, we coordinate all waste removal to minimize downtime, enabling you to get back to operating conditions quickly.

Emergency Responses

Our crews are certified and experienced in managing all facets of environmental cleanup.

We keep containment booms, decon pools, sorbents, and a number of other spill-related products in-stock and utilize our knowledge of waste and equipment to help your people quickly transition from emergency response to long-term project management plans. In events where spills have been contained, our solutions are proven to reduce costs.


We provide OSHA HAZWOPER and Emergency Response Standard training for all levels of facility supervisors, emergency responders, cleanup site workers, etc.

Our HAZWOPER training covers a variety of scenarios, including emergency response and site clean-ups. Employees with different responsibilities will receive the specific and individual training they need to understand what they must do (or not do) to protect themselves and others around hazardous substances.

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Rapid Response

Transportation Services

NuLine provides rapid response transportation services for both solid and liquid materials. Our equipment operators have extensive training for working in industrial environments. We are safe and reliable material handlers for refining and chemical industries — particularly, transportation and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial wastes.

This is an image of a rolloff bin transportation trailer

Roll-Off Trailer

This is an image of a truck with a rolloff

Bobtail Roll-Off

This is an image of a 130BBL Transportation Truck

130BBL & 70BBL Liquid Transport

Ready to use


NuLine’s Roll-off Boxes and Tanks offer watertight containment from gasket-sealed rear doors. Each box is tested between rentals to ensure they remain leak-free. Roll-off Boxes are fully mobile, even when full. From excavated dirt and sludge to waste and debris from demolition, to plan waste and other materials, NuLine’s Roll-off Boxes and Tanks are ideal for many industrial tasks.

This is an image of a vacuum box available for rental

Vacuum Box

This is an image of a rolling lid box that can be rented

Rolling Lid Box

This is an image of a roll tarp available for rental


This is an image of a dewatering bin available for rent


This is an image of a trash box available for rental

Trash and Debris

This is an image of a Frac Tank available for rent

Frac Tanks

This is an image of a secondary containment tray available for rent

Containment Systems

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